Friday, October 10, 2014

Spell Books are DONE....Super Excited!!!!!

Super excited to do this post! I was going to start it last night...but two things stopped me...1...the glue wasn't dry so I couldn't paint....and 2...I will keep to my self :D

It was a great night. I had a great sleep...felt wonderful to be curled up in bed. Great dreams and plans for today. I was up at 3:30am with a pot of coffee started...and Trixi...I did it! I drank an entire pot of coffee! Only took me 4 hours! But that isn't what I'm super excited about. My Spell Books are pretty much done! I might add a few little touches here and there...but for the most part...I LOVE THEM!!!

I had been looking to make some spell books when my best friend Janelle came to the rescue and sent me this link:

I LOVED the way she did them...and decided to try them out myself! Here are my steps and results!

I started with 2 hard cover books bought at St. Vinny's (similar to Goodwill) for $.25 each. Then I found some Dollar Tree decorations and glued them on the books. Thumbtacks and foam letters followed. The Skeleton was laid on top of the bat wings to change it up.
Then I tried the method the website showed me. I didn't like the wet paper towel trick, so I watered down my Elmer's School Glue and applied it directly to the books. Then I let is dry just enough so that it was still tacky. I separated napkins (I didn't have any paper towel), so that they were one-ply. Then I carefully added the napkins to the books.
Like the website said, I didn't try to smooth it out because the wrinkles only add to the look! Then I added another layer of water downed glue to make sure the napkin was held in place. Taking special care to get all the little crevices around the stickers. Then I waited...and waited...and waited...because it took FOREVER to let the glue dry!
While the glue was drying I was babysitting for my xh and his wife (Stef), because their two little kids are great! Also I was collecting empty bottles from around my house. Thankfully I work at a Plastics factory and we make bottles. My bosses no longer look at me funny when I ask to bring strange stuff
Anyway...when I woke up this morning I was excited to see my books were dry. I applied black paint to the entire cover and binding. I know it looks funny...but it gets better...promise!

Thankfully the paint dries very fast. By the time I finished painting the second book, the first book was dry. Then I lightly dry brushed a tan color over the raised areas.
Looking better...but not good enough for me. So I added some cream to certain parts to really make it pop!
For the most part I was done. But then I remembered something. I added a circle inside the Vampire teeth on the Spell book. I went through my stash of googly eyes and after a little bit of glue...and of course...GLITTER...


I love it...I love it! I love it!

I am working on my potion bottles...still waiting for the glue to dry. This time I used crepe paper to wrap the bottles. I have one spider one done (I did it the same time as the a sample)...but I will wait until tomorrow to share those pictures!

Hell I might do another post today...but it is Friday, and I have to work in 12 we will see...

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